The Relationship Business

November 2, 2022

Few industries rely more on the benefit of a professional relationship than the real estate business. You need a good relationship with your managing broker, and you need to brand yourself to the public in a certain way that will create your personal brand. Your success is all about relationships.

Look for a non-competing broker/partner who will value your brand, who can supply resources to support your goals and one who has a business model that will not require you to conform to a company or franchise standard. Choose a company that can directly invest in your brand whether your career is full or part time.

Valuable Partner

First, look for a valuable partner who will invest in you and your business. Rather than connecting with a broker who makes you conform to its culture, look for one who supports your brand.

You need a broker who can introduce you to a mortgage company who will make purchase transactions smooth and efficient. That same broker should also provide training and access to professionals who can walk with you through challenging deals.

Effective Resources

A valuable broker/partner like NellyCorp Realty provides full-time reception and support staff to field your important calls and handle paperwork, freeing you to focus on your client meetings. NellyCorp meets your need for modern, private office space complete with full use of office equipment, E-signature services, and paperless file management technology. NellyCorp offices are located conveniently in your targeted sales area.

100% Commissions

Your relationship with the client closed the deal; you should keep the commission you earned. You need a broker who doesn’t charge monthly service fees. NellyCorp Realty is a 100% commission broker. You pay a reasonable fee per transaction, and you keep 100% of the commission! And NellyCorp transfers the commission to your account within 24 hours of closing!

Established in 1997, NellyCorp offers agents a comprehensive support package, a marketing cost-share program, and a 100% commission structure with no monthly or annual fees. Whether you are new to the real estate market or a seasoned professional, NellyCorp provides the resources to take your business to the next level.

Contact NellyCorp Realty to learn the value of joining their team. Click here to learn more.

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