Partner with a Broker Who Cares About YOU!

August 25, 2022


“When will I see my check?! That property closed two weeks ago!” You’re beginning to wonder if you are working with a broker who cares about your interests. Sure, your broker offers some perks like office space and other support items, but the lag between closing dates and the day you receive your commission check is concerning. Maybe it’s time you partnered with a broker who cares about YOU!

100% Commission

Maybe your broker pays your portion of the commission in a timely fashion, but how does he or she split the commission with you? If your broker takes a portion of the commission, consider finding a broker who offers 100% commission.

However, not all 100% commission arrangements are created equal. Some brokers offering these models charge monthly fees; other brokers prefer taking a small transaction fee. To find the right partner, review how the broker charges you for their services.

Timely Payments

Each brokerage firm disperses commission payments to its agents differently. Some brokers may take two to three weeks to send the funds. When choosing a broker partner, ask how the broker disperses commission payments, and look for one pays in a timely fashion.

NellyCorp Realty offers an amazingly efficient payment method. Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to closing, NellyCorp completes a full compliance review of the upcoming transaction.
  • After the closing, the agent deposits the check at any Chase Bank
  • The agent sends NellyCorp a copy of the Settlement Statement, the commission check and the deposit slip.
  • NellyCorp then transfers the commission into the agent’s account.

Broad-based Support

A broker should do more than send you a commission check; the realty company should offer other benefits such as:

  • Access 24/7 to professional office space conveniently located to you and your clients
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance benefits
  • Support staff including full-time reception
  • Use of office equipment and a paperless file management application
  • Personal and group training and assistance

Above all choose a broker who treats you as a valued partner. NellyCorp Realty offers 100% commission arrangements, broad-based support, ongoing training, and mentors you in your career. NellyCorp also pays its agents their commissions on the sale closing date by transferring the funds immediately to the agents’ Chase Bank accounts.

To learn more about how you can partner with a broker committed to your success, contact NellyCorp Realty.

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