Partner with a Broker who designed its business model with you in mind!

November 2, 2022


“When will I see my check?! That property closed a week ago!”

What’s your broker’s business model? Are you partnering with a broker who cares about YOU?

100% Commission

You developed the client relationship and did the hard work. Does your broker take a healthy portion of the commission? You need to partner with a 100% commission broker like NellyCorp Realty who designed its business model with YOU in mind.

Remember, not all 100% commission arrangements are created equal. Some brokers offering these models demand hefty monthly fees. You need the right partner. NellyCorp charges a reasonable transaction fee and returns your entire commission to YOU.

Timely Payments

Some brokers take several days or up to a week to remit your commission! You need a broker who disperses commission payments in a timely fashion. NellyCorp offers an amazingly fast and efficient payment method to transfer your commission into your account within 24 hours at the latest!

Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to closing, NellyCorp completes a full compliance review of the client file.
  • After the closing, you deposit the commission check at any Chase Bank.
  • Email NellyCorp a copy of the Settlement Statement, the commission check and the deposit slip.

Broad-based Support

You need a broker who offers other benefits:

  • 24/7 access to conveniently located professional office space
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance benefits
  • Support staff including full-time reception
  • Use of office equipment and a paperless file management application
  • Personal and group training and assistance

Above all choose a broker who treats you as a valued partner. NellyCorp Realty offers 100% commissions, no monthly or annual fees, broad-based support customized to YOUR needs and invests real money in YOUR marketing plan.

To learn more about how you can partner with a broker committed to your success, contact NellyCorp Realty at 773-929-1200 or click here.

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